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    Improve technology to strengthen management of science and technology Thai tyre

              Editor's note: since this year, the company insist on the quality of the products win the market, a variety of new products production and sales of two popular, caused wide attention of leaders at all levels and society, on April 14, the weifang daily High-density today published the paper concludes the news of the reporter zhang aihua "Thai tyre three recruit go live strong quality enterprise", is published in full, with readers.

    Report from our correspondent (reporter zhang aihua) tide successively to the company to negotiate business, each tire has "walk" in a hurry to all parts of the country, go abroad... Reporter recently learned from vibration in shandong tai group co., LTD, in the first quarter of this year, the company a variety of products production and sales of two popular, individual species even in short supply. Vibration founded 16 years, and always adhering to the "integrity, virtue world" spirit of enterprise, improve the product quality as the first priority, attracted many domestic and foreign merchants.

    To improve quality by science and technology. Company has own technical team and the product research and development system, the research and development of the two radial tire technology to obtain the national patent, large agricultural province high and new technology prize slanting rubber tire, agricultural radial tire for shandong province department of science and technology progress prize, research and development of 85 series agricultural radial tyres and agricultural corn harvest, new series tires, be included in the province in 2014 the first batch of technical innovation projects. Chairman of the board of directors of the company is an expert in province green tire technical specifications of the technical committee, participate in drafting the green tire specifications; Company in weifang technology center has been established on the basis of, is now declare provincial technology center.
    Rely on technology to strengthen quality. Company has more than 350 sets of advanced production equipment, in the past two years, successively invested 150 million yuan new two large high-grade mixer, a set of leading domestic inclined rubber industry intelligent automatic batching system for 24 station, and 1730 in four roll calender machine, high speed endurance testing machine such as a large number of advanced detection test equipment; At home in the industry take the lead in the new nylon 6 cord fabric production line, ensure that the tyre skeleton structure is stable and reliable. Sales for two consecutive years in the country first corn harvester tires, basic zero repair.
    To guarantee the quality by management. Company established a strict production process control and product quality management system, adhere to the full participation of quality management, has passed the national 3 c, ISO9001, TS16949 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management certification and occupational health and safety system certification, DOT certification and the United States.

    At present, the company a total of more than 460 varieties and specifications of products, basic covers the needs of all domestic agricultural equipment machinery, and exported to more than 40 countries and regions. Products not only for five), Mr Fukuda thunder, heavy industry, the wind group, luoyang yituo group and so on more than 60 famous domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers, is also the world famous enterprises in Germany klaas joint venture kele collect gold hundred million, Italy, in accordance with the law, the joint venture companies in China who's main suppliers.