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    Municipal party committee secretary of fu-sheng fan to company inspection guidan

    Report from our correspondent: on April 10, in the afternoon, the spring breeze and the city, the sun is shining. Fu-sheng fan, director of the standing committee, secretary of municipal party committee, standing committee of municipal party committee, deputy mayor zhen-gang xu, Jiang Zhuang town party secretary kai-wen tian, secretary of the city by the letter cheng-lin wang and other leaders to visit the company inspection guidance, chairman of the board of directors of the company Qiu Yuhua fu-chang zhang, general manager and other accompanying.

    Van secretary and other leaders first came to the radial tire production line workshop, carefully watch the radial tire production situation, when he learned that at present the company radial tire production capacity, the company products include agriculture, industry, construction, forestry, light trucks, export and so on six big series inclined rubber tyres, radial tyres with agriculture, light trucks, cars, special tires and so on four big series and solid tyres, a total of more than 460 varieties and specifications, the basic covers the needs of all domestic agricultural equipment machinery, is currently the largest, most complete specifications of agricultural tyres manufacturing base, one of the top 20 national farm machinery accessories businesses, secretary of the fan is very happy, to encourage companies to beat the difficulties, to speed up the transformation development.

    In the radial tire molding workshop, secretary of the fan and other leaders view the high-spirited radial tire molding production process, as the chairman of the high detail about the company's current production and operation and future development report, and to the company under the new normal economy, stability and old products, develop new products, foster new industry growth advantages such as thinking approach to fully affirmed.